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  • Imagine being able to fire your boss…
  • Increase profits of your existing business..

This pretty much sums up life for the 97%.


Shift into the 3% and change the course of your life.



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The Naked Entrepreneur is the brain child of Paul Counsel. Paul is one of Australia’s most distinguished wealth mentors.

Paul has taught wealth creation techniques to packed audiences all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the USA.

He is also the author of 3 best-selling books.

Initially making his fortune in real estate and stocks, Paul soon became an entrepreneur and realised that the greatest factor holding other people back from financial success was their mindset. He became a mentor and coach to others to break-through the conditioning that made them believe they couldn’t be financially successful. Paul has personally mentored literally hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Paul has spent the last 4 years focusing on the income-generating opportunities provided by the internet. And now he has packaged this information into simple, easy-to-learn blueprints to help you kickstart your internet marketing income.

Naked Entrepreneur Workshop

Paul Counsel- Author of 3 Best-Sellers

paul counsel

3 Billion people have an internet connection.

By 2018 this will be 4 Billion.


Gain access to 3 billion customers. Once you realise how simple it is, you will realise the potential of what you can offer the world- skills, knowledge, services & products


If entrepreneurship isn’t for you, then think how employable you’ll be. Businesses are falling over backwards to hire people with the level of knowledge you’ll gain from our courses.

What Paul’s Clients Are Saying

“Despite my demanding work-load running my own commercial law practice I committed to undertake both of Paul’s programmes throughout 2014. I can say without doubt that although it’s been a confronting journey it has been of priceless value. “Not only have Paul’s courses given me new skills and new hope, I’ve got renewed enthusiasm and drive. I have more certainty, and the side benefit of the camaraderie of working with like-minded people who are taking the same journey.

Kevin StaffaCommercial Lawyer

… “Paul Counsel is a unique talent. He has a crystalline charisma and enthrals his audience with his dynamic and powerful approach. He is a natural motivator, a bit of soothsayer and incredibly inspirational. He reminds us of how we can rekindle our passions and look at our world through fresh eyes.”

Elizabeth O’BrienManaging Director- Walking on Clouds

“Within a short period of time I have increased my income by 25% simply by applying the things I learned. And have felt a sense of achievement which 12 months ago I never thought would be possible.”

Dr Stefanie TourienDentist

“I tell you, this man Paul Counsel is amazing and FIFO Families would never have come into existence if I had not worked with him! If I could wish for one thing, it would be that every person I know has the opportunity to work with Paul!”

Nicole Ashby(Award winning entrepreneur… Founder & Managing Director of FIFO Families Pty Ltd

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